Please be sure to confirm the contents on the website and this page when you make a request, please consent after being convinced.

2. Services
Customers requesting our service shall confirm and approve this page content and apply for services offered by our company.
We shall be able to refuse the use if the customer falls under the following.
1. If you do not agree with the contents of this page
2. Minors without parental consent
3. Other cases when we deem it inappropriate.

3. Change the terms
We shall be able to change the content of this page without previous consent notice. After the change all matters relating to this site are based on the changed terms.

4. Payment
Currency is based on euro.

5. Cancel
1. Definition of service start date
We will define the date of service request from customers as “service start date”.
2. Cancellation and cancellation fee
Cancellation by customer’s convenience is possible.
※ After confirming your request, we will treat you as canceled if your application details are changed due to customer’s        convenience. Please cancel the request and then apply again.
* Fee accompanying cancellation (French time will be the basis)
-11 days before service start date: Free
-From 10 days before service start date: 60%
-From 5 days before service start date until today: 100%
※ Cancellation regardless of the date · As an administrative fee when changing, we will charge 20 euros per case separately from the above amount.
* All fees due to payment and refund should be borne by the customer.
(We will refund the amount less the fee above)

6. Notification of cancellation
Please contact us from here.

7. Prohibited items
If we do the following prohibited actions, we shall be able to stop using the service. If we suffer any damage due to these actions, we will be able to compensate for the damage to you.
1. The act of illegally using this service
2. Acts that violate the privacy of this service or other third party
3. The act of reducing the honor or credibility of this service or other third party
4. Acts of impersonating a third party and using this service
5. The act of tampering or deleting information on this service or other third party
6. Acts that lead to fraud, crime, etc.
7. Acts of sending or providing harmful programs, such as computer viruses
8. Acts that violate laws, regulations or public policy and morals
9. Other acts judged by us as inappropriate

8. Treatment of personal information
We will use personal information provided to you for providing the service only to provide this service and we will not disclose / disclose personal information to third part without your understanding about the protection of privacy information Hmm. However, we may disclose / provide personal information without consent in case there is a request based on laws and ordinances.

9. Majeure of force
We are not responsible for the default of the service due to unavoidable disasters, landslides, strikes or other unavoidable force majeure unavoidably impossible to implement the service offered by us.

10. Cooling off
Since this service is not a product sale, the cooling off is not applied.

11. Overseas travel insurance
We recommend that you join the overseas travel accident insurance in preparation for unexpected incident by accident such as sickness, accident, theft, airplane delay during traveling.

12. Inquiries
Please contact us from here.




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